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When a seemingly small event triggered debilitating anxiety in my ten-year-old daughter, helplessness, guilt, and worry washed over me like never-ending ocean waves. Her bad days became my bad days; her pain became mine. Treading water while trying to keep my daughter afloat left me exhausted and on the verge of collapse. With no idea where to find help, I felt lost and alone, desperately grasping for any individual, resource, or tool that might hold me up for one more day . . . or even one more hour. 

As a parent, issues big and small impact our child. Searching for solutions, waiting months for medical or counseling appointments, and feeling beaten down from the daily battle, you may find yourself losing heart and hope. When the need exceeds our abilities, it’s time to dial 9-1-1, the universal number for urgent assistance. Now you can access Emotional 911 expertise, offering immediate emotional first aid for:

  • Bullying or abuse
  • Anxiety, depression or aggression
  • Divorce or family fallout
  • Social, school or sports stress
  • Mental health challenges (either diagnosed or suspected)
  • Daily emotional scrapes and bumps
  • Previous trauma scars

Whether responding to a crisis or everyday parenting needs for children of any age, this book supplies the essential life-saving practices of EMOTIONAL 911.