Life is not something that happens TO you, it happens FOR you. 

  • Do you want to improve your health, your relationships, how you relate to the world and how you feel about yourself? 
  • Is there a loved one who needs you to apply life-saving skills of Emotional 911?
  • Are you ready for an epic shift in understanding your personal power? 

Discover skills and tools to:

  • recognize challenges as opportunities to change negative patterns of the past
  • validate present issues in order to feel better right now
  • create space to fashion a better future. 

Join me to learn the simple steps to Get Real Healing in all aspects of your life!

Note: Some people might call this a workshop, but "experience" is a better definition:

"the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events".
This is a hands-on, interactive experience where you will immediately apply the skills you are learning in order to gain confidence to continue.

Participants have better success when they share this experience with someone they can continue to swap/practice with in the future, so bring a friend!

Experience Emotional 911 Live!

Discover potent techniques and tools that allow you to 

participate in your own journey to Get Real Healing!

Laura teaches concepts that adults, youth and even children can utilize

on a daily basis to clear limiting emotional thoughts and beliefs,

maintain emotional stability and attain their desired goals of health and well being.  

Experience Emotional 911!

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