Let's Get Real! 
It is not so much what happens as how the mind interprets

and responds to what happens that creates trauma.

       Like a deeply embedded splinter, suppressed pain creates an untended wound that festers and grows. Recognizing present symptoms are linked to a past pain point, we can identify the negative emotions and unhealthy beliefs producing the present issues. 

     I'll guide you to easily uncover your own conscious and subconscious thoughts, beliefs and programs that show up in your body as pain, illness, and dis-ease or appear through emotional pain and dis-comfort such as anxiety, stress, depression or anger.
    As these pain points are acknowledged we honor the associated hurt, thus releasing the subconscious need to defend, punish or protect oneself. Note: You will not have to re-live any trauma; simply be willing to identify the feelings or beliefs which were created.

      This quick and lasting process removes energetic blockages which instantly clear a pathway for the body's healing wisdom on a deep cellular level, allowing the body to heal itself.

Real healing happens from the inside out.

If you want real results, real fastit's time to Get Real Healing.


      Discover the 3 simple steps to REVEAL the real cause of physical or emotional problems in their life, RELEASE limiting feelings, beliefs or programs and REPLACE them with positive, powerful feelings - activating health, wholeness, and happiness.  


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$90/hour - Ask about special pricing for multiple sessions and referrals!