Kylee Wiscombe:  HOLY MOLY!!! I AM SERIOUSLY IN SHOCK RIGHT NOW!!! I have been very much working on myself this year and making myself a high priority. A close friend of mine told me I had to go have a session with Laura Sonderegger. SHE WAS RIGHT! I'm telling you, if you have hurts that are coming up, they often come up from somewhere in your past. Laura is a master, diving down to that painful splinter and plucking it right of your heart. No joke. There is no amount that I wouldn't have paid for that experience! I left there feeling like I had a massage and a good nights sleep all in one. I'm literally going to make everyone I love go have an appointment. You've got issues? Text her for an appointment NOW! 208-884-4747. Seriously. Go!

Michelle Apple: I've spent thousands of dollars on medical bills without any solution yet after ONE session with you I am healed.   I love 'Dr. Laura'!

Megan Bryant: My sessions were...nearly impossible to put into words. So powerful. I feel like the crusty shell I've been stuck inside for many years is finally crumbling away and I feel lighter and lighter each day. 

James Davenport: I wanted to thank you for taking time and healing me.  I don't have any pain in my shoulder, elbow, or hand. After having that pain for over three months you are a miracle worker!

Mischa Sherman: Thank you. Words escape me as I try to write how this has transformed my inner self. I have completed years of counseling, hypnosis, and meditation and I have never felt the way I felt leaving your office after only 1 hour. When I met you I was in crisis, tiptoeing on the line of complete hopelessness. This is the first time in my life that after 1 hour I walked away feeling hope, a sense of self and true love of my own soul. I was anxious that after this session I would slip back into the old self-destructive pattern of self-hate and I truly can say I have not once revisited those defeating thoughts. Thank you doesn’t seem to “fit” into what I need or want to say, I am ever so grateful to find a person who has the capacity not only detach blocks but place a path of oneness in that toxic dwelling. Laura is what healing should always be about. I walked in dark and walked out light. Thank you, Laura, I simply thank you.

Shelby Smith: "I wanted to thank you for sharing your talent with me.  I think that the work you do is truly miracle work.  Thank you for helping me to change my life so quickly and effectively.  I hope that you are able to help many more people in the future.  You are amazing!"

Aubrey Yows: I just want to thank you again for making time for me.  I feel like my true self - without all the baggage.  I feel free, light, clear, excited, confident and beautiful.

Connie Kacalek: Thank you for a very positive session yesterday. I must admit I was a bit skeptical as I left yesterday if it "worked". Today, after reflecting on the experience and the meditative journey, pieces began fitting in place ... Wave after wave of suppressed perhaps repressed feelings began to subside and float away!  I plan to take it moment by moment, a bite at a time.
Thank you again!

Jamie Lamb Hilton: Laura, THANK YOU so much for your assistance in helping me move forward with the setbacks in my life. You are so in tune with what I need, and always seem to know HOW to help me. I am growing more and more each day, and know that my breakthroughs are direct results of the help you have given me. When I couldn't put my finger on exactly what I was feeling or going through you intuitively guided me to the answers. Unfolding and resolving these blockages has freed me from so much hurt and heartache! I love YOU LAURA! I appreciate you being completely open to sharing ALL of your goodness with me. 

Trevor Tippets: I have shown no effects of my illness since our session. That feeling of confidence has definitely grown like you said it would. I appreciate everything you have done for me and opening my eyes. Also, I haven't bitten my fingernails once since we talked. That was a habit I have been trying to kick for 16 years... Coincidence?  I think not... Anyone with uncertainty about life or seeking a treatment would benefit greatly from talking to Laura.  She has done many great things for me and I know she can work with anyone in need. My value of life has been much more noticed and appreciated from my meetings with Laura. Thanks for everything!

Randi Ritchie: The best way to describe Laura is... amazing and inspiring. She is highly intuitive, gifted and so full of love. Her wisdom, knowledge and unique gifts and talents will easily assist you in breaking through your limiting beliefs in order to experience a life free of pain. She is an authentic woman with a profound purpose. I highly recommend Laura if you are ready to experience REAL and lasting Healing. She has and continues to inspire me in so many ways! 

Tricia Petrey: You gave me so much to think about or, rather, some new ways of approaching the thoughts and feelings that come. It's made a significant difference in learning how to look at the past with gratitude rather than pain (I had reached the point where I felt gratitude, but also the pain). Your comment "With God there is no loss, only gain" was profound for me- as much as I already understood that principle, somehow the way you phrased it had an impact on me. I've also been thinking a lot about the idea that the grief we carry in this life goes with us - as with my ancestor - and will hold me back/keep me from moving forward if I don't learn to let it go here in this life. I've always assumed that feelings like that are resolved as soon as we die, but it makes sense that if we are consumed with those emotions, that may not be the case. So very interesting! Obviously, carrying pain and grief prevents us from moving forward in this life as well. Thanks again! There are so many who could benefit from what you do. 

David Y:  “I was referred to Laura by a friend of mine, but wasn’t sure what she would be able to do to assist me.  I’ve had some lingering health issues that I’ve had for years and have come to just accept.  I’ve also been taking Ambien every night in order to sleep.  Laura quickly identified all of the issues that I’ve had, and within a few weeks of following her recommendations, I not only got relief from sciatic pain but I’m also free of Ambien for sleep.  I wake up more rested and I find I need less sleep than I did before.  Thanks, Laura!”

Amy Jo Tucker:  I'm so grateful for Laura and energy healing! Laura has so many gifts, she gets right to the real problem. She is so compassionate, loving and understanding. I've been to see Laura for depression and anger. I've had her work on my daughters ADHD problems, my youngest daughter had eczema and allergies. I am happy to say that now we are off all medicine and very healthy! I'm grateful for all she has taught me, about having a healthy mind as well as a healthy body, how when you have a healthy mind you will have a healthy body! It feels so good to not be weighed down by negative things, to just be free to be me and be happy and healthy! Thank you, Laura! She really has a gift with seeing the true problem and helping the Lord fix it. I really appreciate her sensitive and loving nature!!

Jerusha Smith:  I wanted to thank you for today, again.  After I left, I noticed several little things that just didn't bother me, and when I pondered what they meant, I realized it all amounted to something quite simple: peace. I have not had peace like that in a long time.

Jillair Robinson: Laura worked with me when I was experiencing severe anxiety. She helped me in a well-rounded way, making sure I was getting proper nutrition, exercise appropriate for my condition, as well as doing therapy sessions. She gave me tools to help me deal with my anxiety, including visualization techniques and pressure point massage. She helped me identify experiences from my past that had affected my well-being and helped me clear them. She helped me identify, then clear baggage that had been passed down from my ancestors. She helped me deal with fears and worries that were affecting my health. She gave me hope for the future. She helped me to realize and utilize the atonement of Jesus Christ to help me feel loved, heal, and forgive. Laura has a gift for healing. I feel very blessed that she shared her gift and helped me heal. 

From My Clients....